26 December 2010

Remember When: Kevin Dahl

Defenseman Kevin Dahl.

When asked what he remembers the most about his time with the Wolves, Kevin Dahl’s answer was simple and to the point.

Defenseman Kevin Dahl.
When asked what he remembers the most about his time with the Wolves, Kevin Dahl’s answer was simple and to the point.
“I remember winning a lot,” he said.

And with an organization like the Wolves, whose goal every year is to win a championship, that makes perfect sense. Dahl played in 144 regular-season games for Chicago from 1997 to 2001 and was a member of the 1998 and 2000 Turner Cup championship teams.

“They were both special in their own ways,” he said of the two title runs. “But the first one definitely meant more since it was both my first championship and the organization’s.”

Following the team’s second Turner Cup championship in three years, Wolves Head Coach John Anderson named Dahl team captain for the 2000-01 season.

“The management and coaches felt my leadership abilities were strong enough to lead the team towards a championship,” Dahl said. “It was nice being recognized as a leader for such a great organization.”

Other than “all the winning,” Dahl remembers the team camaraderie he experienced as a member of the Wolves, both with the players and the staff involved with the team, as one of the best environments he has played in. The friendships he built with his teammates during his four seasons – and three Turner Cup Finals appearances – have stayed with him to this day.

“My wife and I still go on trips with people from those championship teams,” said Dahl. “It is getting harder the further removed from the game we all get, but about five us went on a trip with our wives last fall, [including former teammates Jamie Baker, Tom Tilley and Paul Koch]. We try to do something every year and get together with the Mylymok’s and Marinucci’s for trips, too. We have gone on a cruise and gone to Napa Valley in the past.”

Even though Dahl is six years removed from his playing days, he hasn’t strayed too far from the game. Currently living in Cleveland, he runs a company that recruits former athletes to place them into jobs in the corporate world. He also coached his two daughters’ (ages 10 and 12) hockey teams until they stopped playing.

Although he has played all over the world, from Calgary to Chicago, to Germany and around the world for the Canadian national team (which includes winning the silver medal at the 1992 Winter Olympic Games), the Windy City and the Wolves remain near the top of his list.

“I think Chicago was my favorite place to play outside of the majors,” he said. “Plus, I had both of my kids during my time there, so that made it special. I think the Chicago Wolves fans are very loyal. They were always fun and we did a lot of things with them. They supported us real well.

“The organization was top notch, too. My favorite part about being there was they way that we were treated and the way my whole family was treated,” Dahl concluded.