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The Bachelor: Season 17 Ep. 9 Recap From left: AshLee, Lindsay and Catherine. Photo: Kevin Foley/ABC(3)
28 Feb
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The Bachelor: Season 17 Ep. 9 Recap

This is the week of the "fantasy suites" and it's always so awkward when they are asked if they would like to use it for the night. I always wonder exactly what goes on in that suite and if any weird fantasies actually happen. ABC should partner with HBO and broadcast just the Fantasy Suite Night on HBO. Genius. Anyway, here's what went down…

All the girls were interviewed and said they weren’t sure whether they would go into the fantasy suite and asked themselves, "Is that really me?”  Oh, OK. Please, I'm sure you've had a one-night stand before and I’m sure you didn't regret that, so why even question yourself about this one? You're one of three girls left in this competition. If you don't hop on the good foot and do the bad thing, then you will be gassed.

"It's not one of my values". HA! You’re just saying that because you don't want America to think you are a slut, but you probably are. It's hilarious because people view the girls as sluts, but Sean as a "stud."

Sean said his relationship with Ashlee is the strongest of the three.

One on One: Lindsay

Walked around a market in Thailand and ate bugs. Just a typical date a week before a potential engagement.

Sean said, "Our relationship was a spark and now has turned into a massive flame."

One on One: AshLee

The two embarked on a journey through a cave to a beach. Pretty scary swim, but a really cool private beach. Only way to it is to swim through the cave.

"I see her in the end," Sean told us.

One on One: Catherine

Lindsay ate bugs and Ashlee swam through a dark cave, so I was expecting Catherine to do something out of the ordinary. Nope. Got the easy way out and went snorkeling.

Sean told Catherine, “I can see myself marrying you."

Catherine said, "I truly know he will treat me like a lady." What do you expect? For him to treat you like a man?

Rose ceremony

Sean said he is in love with one of the girls. Well, then how about you gas the other girl immediately? 

Each girl left Sean a private video message. I love how ABC calls it "private" when the whole world sees it.

AshLee's was very touching and brought a tear to Sean's eye.

Sean said that he's worried about the girl whom he sends home not being OK.  Why would you even care, Sean? You have said that you will propose to a girl in the end. In real life, if you’re two weeks away from proposing to someone, you aren't worried about other girls. Nor are you asking two other girls to spend a night in a fantasy suite. 

Sean was interviewed and said, "My other two relationships are stronger." 

Sean sent AshLee home and that was quite shocking after telling her that he thought they had the strongest relationship. But then he was later quoted, "My other two relationships are stronger." Weird.

Sean told AshLee he thought she was the one from the beginning. He thinks the world of her. He told her a bunch of other stuff that he wanted her to hear, but she didn't care. She didn't say one word. Tough decision and Sean was definitely hurt by letting her go, but that's the price you got to pay to be The Bachelor.

AshLee looked unbelievable at the rose ceremony in that dress. She could be a potential bachelorette. Awesome girl.



My winner 


Chicago Wolves Picks

Eleven guys think Sean will pick Catherine while 13 predict Lindsay to be this season’s winner. We were going to have the losers buy lunch for the winners, but we remembered that Eddie Lack still owes the boys lunch due to many, many issues we have with him. Just ask him what those are. Tweet him at @eddielack

Next week is Women Tell-All, which is always a season highlight. I'm looking forward to seeing Tierra get roasted as well as Kristy with a K.

Special shoutout to Patricia and Rob for supporting the blog and the Wolves! Thanks for the support! 

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