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The Bachelor: Season 17 Ep. 7 Recap Courtesy of ABC
14 Feb
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The Bachelor: Season 17 Ep. 7 Recap

The crew finally heads south to the tropical island of St. Croix. This only means more of shirtless Sean. This is a big week for Sean and the girls as we head into hometown dates. The six girls left are the ones who I thought would be in contention for hometown dates. Here's what happened this week:

First One-on-One

Sean picks up AshLee and the two take a private boat out to a private island. Sean is just so romantic and has so much money to do all of this. Spent the day on the island and had a dinner on the oceanside. At one point, Sean asked AshLee what the deal was with Tierra. AshLee told it all to him. Sean described the date as "sexy and romantic." AshLee said she had something important to tell. She built it up like it was a big deal, but it ended up being she was married at the age of 17 and divorced at 19. I thought she was going to say she had a kid. Anyway, Sean didn't care. AshLee told Sean she loved him at the end of the night.

Second One-on-One


Tierra finally gets her one-on-one and she still found a way to complain. She and Sean walked around the city of St. Croix. Sean later confronts Tierra about the drama in the house and why she's not getting along with the girls. She pretty much blames the girls because she's perfect. Then at night she tells Sean she's falling in love with him.

Group Date


Catherine, Desiree and Lindsay get woken up by Sean at 4:30 a.m. and had five minutes to get ready and that's tough to do for a girl. The girls should have seen this coming, ABC does this every year. The girls and Sean drive across the island to watch the sunrise and make their way back throughout the day while making various stops. They make it back just in time to swim in the ocean and watch the sunset.

I would like to know what girl peed in the ocean and how many times. I know Desiree did because of the face she was making. Definitely a pee face.  I feel one of these three girls will be the one Sean proposes to. Sean said, "Catherine and I can be goofy and weird and within a second be serious and intimate." Any girl that brings out the goofy side in a guy means the guy is really into her. Catherine = Final Two pick for me!

Desiree said, "My family means like everything to me." She has said this before and it's annoying. Your family is supposed to mean everything to you and if they don't, seek counseling.  Lindsay gets the group rose, which means she's guaranteed to show Sean off to her family.

Last One-on-One

Lesley and Sean explored Estate Mount Washington Plantation. Not sure what the heck that is, but it was a very relaxing date. Lesley seemed very nervous to make any type of move and you could tell the two weren't connecting much. Lesley thought so. Sean’s view of the relationship is way different than Lesley's. Lesley is an awesome girl. Very cute, fun, and what makes her most attractive is her confidence. Lesley told Sean she's falling in love with him. Lesley did not get a rose at the rose ceremony and was therefore sent home. She could be a potential Bachelorette.

Sean flies his sister, Shay, down to talk about a few things and asks what he should do. It's always nice to get another perspective of things and your family members are always the right people to ask. Shay tells Sean, "Just don't pick the girl who doesn't get along with the other girls."  While that's going on, back at the house, Tierra calls out AshLee about saying something to Sean. Tierra claims AshLee sabotaged her relationship with Sean. It was a very heated argument.

Quotes that stood out to me from Tierra included, "Girls are jealous of me and men love me" and "My mom told me I have a sparkle and don't let those girls take that sparkle." What in the world does that mean?

Sean shows up as Tierra is crying, as usual, and he listens to her vent about how hard it is for her.  Sean steps outside and when he comes back in, he tells Tierra it's best if she leaves. On the way out, Sean asked another million-dollar question to Tierra as she's bawling: "Are you going to be OK?" No, Sean, she's not. You kicked her off the show and she lost her sparkle.

This might be my favorite Tierra quote: While in the car bawling her eyes out after being sent home because it's too hard for her and she's not getting along with other girls, etc., Tierra says, "He didn't want me here anymore. That's OK. I'm STRONG and I'll get through it." If she was so strong, then she would have gotten through the drama in the house.

Sent home


Hometown Dates


My Final Two


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