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Unmasked Ep. 18: Oklahoma!

Created on 12 January 2013

The third period hasn't been kind to the Wolves this season. But on Jan. 6, something special happened. As their star players packed their bags for Vancouver...

Unmasked Ep. 30: A Tale Of Two Cities
(Media / Unmasked Ep. 30: A Tale Of Two Cities)
<p>Scott Arniel has been a head coach before. He knows how precarious a position it is, and how much of the change</p>...
Unmasked Ep. 28: Opposite Sides
(Media / Unmasked Ep. 28: Opposite Sides)
<p>When the Wolves opened the season last October, Mike Davies and Zach Miskovic were on the bubble, working twice as</p>...
Unmasked Ep. 27: The Better Half
(Media / Unmasked Ep. 27: The Better Half)
<p>When you've played professional hockey as long as Darren Haydar, you learn a thing or two. But each season brings</p>...

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