Buddy & Snopps

Breeds: Chow-Lab Mix (Buddy) and Collie Mix (Snopps)

Owners Names: Jim and Lorraine Smalley

Adoption Year: 2002

Adoption Story:
We were attending opening night 2002 looking forward to another great season; little did we know what was in store for us that night. The Wolves were hosting an Adopt – A – Dog night. We had recently lost our previous dog, Ginger, and she was a very special dog.

During the first intermission we walked over to see the dogs up for adoption. I spotted a lively puppy, a nine month old Chow/Lab mix. Lorraine liked a 9-year-old Collie mix. The whole second period was negotiation as to which dog we would adopt. I leaned towards getting the puppy that was the larger-sized dog and her to the older one. I'm not sure we really saw much of the second period of the Wolves game. However as the clock was winding down, I said why we don't get both of them? We did!

At the intermission, we adopted the puppy known as Buffy (quickly changed to Buddy) and the older dog, Snopps (I tried giving it a German spelling – Schnapps). As we picked them up at the end of the game, Buddy proceeded to pull me through the lot to our car. Snopps immediately jumped in and took his spot in the front passenger seat. To say this night changed our lives is an understatement. These two quickly became the best of friends and loads of fun. They both have been wonderful companions and family.

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